About "I Do!" Wedding Photography

Hello. My name is Sarah Rossborough and if you have not seen me work at a wedding or haven't seen one of my albums, you are probably interested why I feel like I am capable of capturing one of the most important days of your life.

My life experiences have led up to this career choice for me. I’ve worked in the profession for 15 years now, have photographed over 300 weddings and I still love it. I limit the number of events that I do so that I am always excited for my next one. My husband assists me and is my second camera, so when you are walking down the aisle, he is in the back of the church or up in the balcony photographing the back of your gown while I photograph you from the front.

My sister had been a professional wedding photographer for 10 years when she asked me to assist her so that I could learn the business. I photographed about 20 weddings with her before I attempted my first one alone. It was the perfect learning experience. After about five years in the business, I joined the local Professional Photographers Association. I am actively involved in the organization and have served in all of the officer positions except treasurer.

At a photography convention ten years ago, I became aware of the new styles of albums that were beginning to show up. I hadn’t been happy just to have a bunch of nice photographs stuck in an album. These new books encouraged my natural instinct to tell the whole story. I wanted to make sure that anyone who viewed the album felt like they had attended the wedding. When I started showing storytelling albums to clients, they were really excited. It was exactly what so many of them were looking for. It answered their search to find an album style that showed off their day and all that was unique for them.