"I can not begin to tell you how glad I am that we decided to go with Sarah. When we received our album I could not believe my eyes. These pictures were nothing like the other photographers and they really did explain our day. Sarah was very professional. She let us have fun… She captured critical and random moments perfectly. Sarah also did a great job of working with some very unpredictable subjects, our dogs.

Previous to receiving the album I would have told you that pictures are not that important and that paying a dollar for them was too much. Now my perspective has totally changed and I would recommend Sarah to anyone who wants not only quality photographs but also pictures that define the memories of your heart. Now I share my wife’s opinion of the importance of a good photographer. It is a special day that defines the beginning of your new life together and no one can put a price on that." —Kevin W.

I made the biggest mistake that one can make in planning a wedding.
I did not choose Sarah Rossborough of “I Do!” as my wedding photographer … You may have already been told 100 times by now that your pictures are absolutely the most important part of your wedding. I knew this too, but thought my friend’s dad could still do an adequate job. Let’s just say it’s as the old adage says “you get what you pay for.” I know this now from watching Sarah at a wedding just two months ago, that you will get all that you pay for with her. She will work tirelessly and patiently to give you the most captivating pictures you can imagine…She served as more than a photographer … helping to make the wedding flow with smooth transitions as a wedding coordinator would do. —Trina L.

We are extremely excited to work with you. —Michelle and Chuck

I found Sarah to be a consummate professional, …who takes enormous pride in her work…willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done- to your satisfaction, not hers. The end result was a beautiful wedding album filled with the photographs I wanted … stress-free experience that only comes from knowing you hired the right person. —Paula B.

Thank you for the spectacular photos of our wedding day. Thank you for your great attention to detail to ensure everything is just right- we truly appreciate your efforts! Everyone is just stunned by its beauty, and we are so happy that we have this memento of that day. We are just so grateful that we found you…Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts, for the best wedding “gift” anyone could ask for! —Carrie and David B.

Can’t wait to receive it. I’m sure it will be beautiful, as is everything you touch —Beth S. (mother, second wedding I photographed for their family)

Every picture brings back all the emotion I felt that day…I will always be able to relive those special moments by simply viewing your work! Thank you, thank you!!! —Shirley S.

Thank you for all of your help throughout our wedding planning. The album is beautiful and we can’t wait to share it with our family.
—Laurel and Jeremy B

I am very happy with the photos…I’ve never looked so good! It has been a pleasure dealing with you. —Jo W.

You really did an incredible job of capturing the day. I feel like I relive it every time I look at the pictures. —Carlos and Marcia D.

…They look absolutely beautiful! We love them and can’t wait to share them!
—Darci and Josh B.

We are amazed that you have a picture of us looking so wonderful…when we were drained and exhausted! You’re good!
—Pastor Randy and MaryAnn C.

I just wanted to write you a note to tell you how much I love our wedding album. I just saw my friend’s album from her wedding day and it made me appreciate even more all the hard work, thought, and creativity you put into our album.
—Terry and Kristal

We are really looking forward to working with you. It is such a relief to know we have a great photographer on our big day.
—Erin and Tim

We would like to thank you for everything: the pictures, the album, your hard work and dedication. We could not be any happier with our pictures. It was a beautiful day and your pictures truly depict that. —Charlie and Aubrey

Thank you for all your hard work at our wedding. The photographs are beautiful. —Tyrone and Cinthya R.

Just wanted to thank you for all you did for Julie and Chris’s wedding. The pictures will be a lasting and wonderful memory. —Don and Pat M.

We wanted to thank you for all your hard work in photographing our wedding. We will be sure to spread the word of your innovative work to others. —Gwendolyn and Kristian